Buy new number

Price Days Additional units Voice tariff
10.000₮ 30 day 0 G-Mobile network - 0₮
Other network - 50₮

G-Internetphone service features: 
     You can receive and make a call from anywhere in the world to Mongolia with cheapest tariffs
     Anyone who is in Mongolia can call you with domestic tariff
     You can use G-Internetphone service with your laptop, hand phone, and IP fixed phone.  More details...


Terms of purchase

  • Can be used in abroad only when there is an available internet connection.
  • Must sign up for online store to purchase a new number
  • Selected /chosen/ number should be purchased within 30 minutes after sending it to the cart
  • There is no physical sim card for G-Internetphone service, but there is a username and password. Thus, once its purchased, the username and password will be sent to your email within 20 minutes.
  • Time schedule for purchasing a new number, Monday-Friday 09:00AM – 18:00PM
  • If you purchase a new number on Saturday or Sunday, it will be activated on following Monday.